Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Colorado: How Healing Pines Recovery Differs

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Colorado: How Healing Pines Recovery Differs

Alcohol can quickly become a crutch; over time, you may find yourself in the midst of addiction. Understanding when alcohol consumption has become problematic and even dangerous can be difficult. Discover the truth behind alcohol addiction and how you or your loved one can treat it at Healing Pines Recovery.

Alcohol Addiction: A Cycle

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is defined as a condition in an individual unable to control their alcohol consumption despite the health, social, or professional consequences of their alcohol abuse. Those affected by alcohol abuse will find that their mood is directly related to whether alcohol is accessible or not.

Considered a chronic relapsing disorder by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, AUD often repeats a three-stage cycle:

#1 Intoxication or Binge Drinking

The pleasurable effects of alcohol — such as exhilaration, decreased anxiety, and ease of socialization — are felt during this stage. However, through continued use, the brain will soon become altered by the overconsumption of alcohol and create dependence. Soon, objects or environments, such as glasses or social events, will trigger a desire for alcohol.

#2 Withdrawal

Alcohol addiction causes a person to experience withdrawal symptoms, which are the reverse of the effects of alcohol that are felt after drinking it. Physical symptoms, including trouble sleeping, pain, and illness-like symptoms, can also be emotional, like dysphoria, irritability, anxiety, and emotional pain. In this stage, individuals will drink to avoid the negative symptoms.

#3 Anticipation or Cravings

This stage occurs when a person resumes their search for alcohol after a time of sobriety. A person starts to think about how to get more alcohol and looks forward to drinking. In those with AUD, the prefrontal cortex, which manages organizing ideas and priorities, becomes damaged. That’s when alcohol becomes a priority and deciding factor in their daily life.

Signs and Symptoms of AUD

Lack of control is the primary marker of alcoholism. Those with AUD frequently engage in continuous drinking, going from every day to even weeks at a time. American Addiction Centers defines some of the signs and symptoms of AUD as:

  • Trouble with memory
  • Desire to stop drinking but an inability to quit
  • Memory trouble
  • Jumbled or slurred speaking
  • Prioritizing alcohol over work, family, and friends
  • Dishonesty surrounding alcohol use
  • Participating in dangerous behaviors like drunk driving
  • Denial of the severity of addiction

Treatment at Healing Pines Recovery

At our scenic lodge and ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado, Healing Pines Recovery has the treatments needed for you to understand your addiction and how to overcome it. Healing Pines is able to assist you in getting back on your feet and freeing yourself from the grips of alcohol addiction with our specialized inpatient alcohol treatment in Colorado. In a secure, encouraging environment, we work with you to better manage your addictive habits. A healthier, addiction-free life can be achieved with us as a critical first step.

Our alcohol rehabilitation program has a specialized, all-inclusive treatment strategy. Addiction can develop for a variety of reasons, such as a predisposition to sickness or childhood or adult trauma.

The disorder’s underlying cause(s) will be our main concern. We provide clients with the most effective treatment possible delivered by professionals with doctorates and master’s degrees. Our program is specifically designed for men looking for alcohol or drug treatment in Denver.

How Our Treatment Differs

Healing Pines Recovery is unique for a multitude of reasons. Unlike rehabilitation centers located in the city, Healing Pines resides deep in the beautiful woods of Colorado. By immersing yourself in nature, you can focus on yourself and your addiction recovery.

Colorado Comfort: Privacy in Nature

Rather than like most bleak rehab facilities, our cozy lodge and ranch sit on 40 acres of scenic forestry and feel more like a resort getaway. By leaving the city behind — along with the daily hustle — you’ll be able to focus entirely on your recovery and rehabilitation.

Although located in the picturesque woods, family visits and therapy are still possible because we’re easily accessible from major cities like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. Discover yourself in the therapeutic atmosphere of Healing Pines Recovery.

Intimate Men-Only Setting

Since we only hold a group of six individuals at a given time, Healing Pines offers a unique bonding experience for you and your peers to learn from each other while simultaneously growing together. Additionally, this intimate environment makes honesty and vulnerability easier for those in recovery. At Healing Pines Recovery, you can make a life-long bond with those also searching for alcohol sobriety.

Besides being limited capacity, Healing Pines is also exclusively for men in order to provide targeted and specific treatment. We examine the trauma of toxic masculinity, what it means to be a loving spouse, a present parent, and more as you go through recovery. By trusting yourself to be vulnerable, you can become stronger and be there for the people in your life on any occasion.

Holistic Healing

Besides our picturesque location and peer support, our staff provides an effective and state-of-the-art holistic treatment. This means that we don’t simply treat your AUD by detox alone. Holistic recovery entails healing each piece of the whole. By working to heal your mind and body through individualized therapy, physical activity, and nutrition, you’ll recover in every aspect.

We combine holistic and experiential therapy with evidence-based treatment approaches to address the crucial recovery of your mind, body, and spirit. From yoga and tai chi to animal-assisted and family therapy, Healing Pines Recovery has the treatment programs you need to heal yourself in every way.

Alcohol addiction can be difficult to identify, even in yourself. Yet, deciding it’s time to make a change is a step toward a new life.

At Healing Pines Recovery, you’ll find everything you need to make that first step. We tailor our recovery programs to treat your unique needs and experiences. From traditional therapy to nature-based activities, we can help you discover your path to sobriety. It might be challenging to break an alcohol addiction on your own for many people. This is due to the fact that addiction creates negative habits, many of which are difficult to change without the right kind of assistance. 

Healing Pines is able to assist you in getting back on your feet and freeing yourself from the grips of alcohol addiction with our specialized inpatient alcohol treatment in Colorado. Discover how to get started by calling us at (720) 575-2621.

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