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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions FAQs

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Clients should first call our professional admissions team so we can answer any questions they may have and verify their insurance coverage. If our facility is a good fit for a client’s needs, we can assess treatment options over the phone before sending a welcome letter to give more information on what to expect at the start of treatment. 

Yes, we accept all PPO policies with out-of-network benefits for mental health and behavioral healthcare. We are also in-network with Friday and Tricare. 

Yes, we are accredited by the Joint Commission.

We offer hardship rates for those who may be in need.

Private pay costs can range from $20k-$30k depending on a client’s specific needs.

Our facility maxes out at six men at a time for a truly customized, personalized experience. Each therapist is a master’s-level, licensed clinician. Our licensed clinician-to-client ratio is the best in the market. We have an unlimited number of individual sessions we offer clients. Every client has the same feedback that it was the most profound experience they have ever had. We are a neat and clean facility. Each client interacts with all levels of management, from the CEPO to the chef; everyone is invested in our client’s success.

At Healing Pines Recovery, we work with professional interventionists. If we can get the loved one on the phone with Paul, he can usually disarm most people and their preconceived notions about treatment. We are an outdoor program, we allow electronics, and we screen all clients, so we have a positive momentum milieu. 

We assist in all legal matters. We can drive to court appointments when needed.

We provide transportation for those in need.

The First Step To Healing

Clinical FAQs

One-on-One Counseling, ACT, Adventure Therapy, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Art Therapy, Attachment-Based Family Therapy, CBT, Couples Counseling, DBT, Equine Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Family Counseling, Gestalt Therapy, Group therapy, Horticultural Therapy, 12 Steps, Life Skills Coaching, Massage Therapy, Medication-Assisted Therapy, Mindfulness Therapy, MBCT, MET, Music Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Psychoeducation, Psychotherapy, Reiki, Relapse Prevention, Relaxation Therapy, Goal-Oriented Therapy, Sound Therapy, Stress Management, Tai Chi and Yoga.

Clients attend group therapy sessions seven days a week.

Healing Pines Recovery offers IOP and OP aftercare programs.

Between 30-45 days, based on the situation.

Yes, Healing Pines Recovery strictly abides by HIPPA.

Yes, Healing Pines Recovery strictly abides by HIPPA.

A licensed clinician will create a personalized treatment plan based on a client’s unique needs during the intake process.

Family weekend, phone updates, etc

Yes, clients will meet with the psychiatrist every week.