Elizabeth, Colorado

What to Expect

Our Process

From the moment you enter our program you are welcomed as an individual, not a statistic. We recognize that addicts and alcoholics are some of the most intelligent, artistic individuals around. High intelligence and abstract thought pose, on occasion, some difficulties in society including anxiety, depression, fears etc. 

Most addicts at one point saw alcohol or drugs as a solution to their anxiety, fear or confidence, a way to quite the mind for example, that quickly turns for the worst and does not get better if you continue using. 

That’s where we come in. Every person that works at HPR has a personal tie and drive to seeing success in others. Our team of progressive addiction professionals have the experience and passion to invest into each person who comes through our doors.

The First Step To Healing


The decision to fight an addiction to drugs or alcohol is complex and often intimidating or frightening; however, it’s also something to be celebrated as that individual can look forward to beginning the journey to recovery and a better quality of life. Detox is just the first part of addiction treatment. Detox on its own is usually insufficient for a successful recovery. Addicted people need to treat the psychological part of their addiction.

Our medical professionals monitor health issues in the new patients. They also take a history of drug, medical and psychiatric issues. The collected information helps us devise a long-term recovery plan for the patient.

We stabilize patients with medical and psychological therapy. This helps us prevent any harm to the patient and avoid feelings of withdrawal in them. Our doctors also prescribe addiction treatment medications, if needed to alleviate any discomfort or withdrawal symptoms.

In the final step, we prepare patients for treatment. Doctors provide their patients with a run-through of the treatment process, and what they should expect from it.