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Substance use and misuse are widespread across the U.S. As the decades pass, women make up an increasing percentage of those Americans who drink or take drugs. However, men continue to use most substances at a higher rate than women.

Men often have gender-specific reasons for their drug or alcohol consumption. And when enrolled in treatment for diagnosable substance problems, they often face gender-related barriers to timely recovery. These facts hold true in cities and towns of all sizes, including Fort Collins, Colorado.

To make the most of their rehab efforts, men may need specialized programs designed with such gender-based concerns in mind. At Healing Pines Recovery, we specialize in these kinds of programs. With help from our in-house experts, you can devise a customized treatment plan that takes your personal background and gender into account. As a result, you may gain the extra advantage you need to successfully break free of addictive substance use.

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