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Paul is a great person and his vision for a recovery location outside of the urban setting is going to be instrumental in helping men grow and recover in a safer place then many of us who have been in and out of recovery centers for years.

Culebra B.

Seriously an amazing place. Everything from how beautiful the house and the property it sits on down to every person staffed there was nothing less than perfect. I couldn’t have been at a more amazing place to begin this journey. More than highly recommended in every sense. If you’re reading this and trying to find the right place for treatment and recovery I would absolutely look no further.

James B.

This place is so amazing. the fresh air, the mountain views, especially off the upstairs deck is so surreal and relaxing. Plenty of room to walk and enjoy the peace & quiet so you can just take time to breathe and get to know the real you. The staff is the greatest! So understanding and very intuitive, from the counselors to the behavioral techs. They will go out of their way to make sure you are physically & mentally well.

Charles M.

I would like to thank Paul and his team for taking my son in. He is now at sober living. So far so good.. Day-by-day.

Ernest G.

My experience with Healing Pines Recovery has been wonderful. My husband was their client, and they helped him be able to help himself. He is doing amazing! I think the combination of counseling, physical labor, meditation, AA, and just the beauty of the place itself all had a very positive impact on him. They really cared about him, and that did not stop just because he came home. Also they have counseling for the families and it has really helped me a lot. Heather is awesome! I thank God that we had them in our lives when we were most vulnerable.

Susan M.

Our son was under the care of Healing Pines recently and we wanted to share our gratitude to the staff. There were many challenges in his pursuing treatment, and thankfully Paul and Heather C helped us navigate all of them skillfully with patience and compassion.

The treatment while onsite was excellent, the facility is outstanding and creates a perfect environment for recovery. We were never once concerned for our son’s safety or general well being. The program is holistic, and very personalized which we believe to be key parts of thier success formula.

Jim E.

Healing Pines saved my life and I would recommend anyone with drug/alcohol addictions to go there for treatment. It’s a wonderful place to recover and the therapists on staff are great at bringing perspective, conflict management, self acceptance/self awareness, and getting to the root of the problem. The insight they bring in group therapy was very therapeutic and important to my growth towards my path to sobriety. Paul is a perfect role model for men with substance abuse. They will show you the way to a healthy life and get you back on track.

Garhett Dunn

Healing Pines Recovery helped me find healthy ways to deal with underlying factors contributing to my addictions. The holistic treatment process they guided me through showed me how to improve myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. The staff is caring, hands on, with you every step of the way, and gives you a program that is specific to your recovery. I am very fortunate to be involved with such a lovely community and provided me with contacts and advice for my continued care after completing the program. Having a smaller group of residents (~6 people) allowed a personal experience and relationships to blossom during my stay. I would highly recommend HPR to anyone wanting to overcome their addiction and create a plan for long term sobriety.

Sean Flannigan

Healing Pines is a truly wonderful place. The amount of compassion that all of the staff exhibit on a daily basis is amazing. The facilities truly are beautiful and the program is wonderful. I will forever be grateful for Healing Pines and the entire staff.

William Sandifer

Best decision I’ve ever made was going here. The staff is incredible and the ranch is beautiful. Couldn’t have asked for a better place to work on and learn about myself. This isn’t just a place to dry out, you get out of it what you put into it. Everyone here is serious about their recovery and supports each other, it’s a brotherhood. Can’t thank Paul and the staff enough, HPR is truly special.

Ryan Bilodeau

HPR gave me the tools to re-enter the world with confidence in my newfound sobriety. Before making my decision to attend this facility Paul spent multiple hours on the phone with me and my family answering our questions and concerns, and taking time to really get to know me and understand where I was with my addiction. Our phone calls put me at ease. Despite the fact that I had to travel halfway across the country to attend HPR, I went in with an extreme sense of calm and security knowing that Paul and the rest of the HPR staff were there to help me.

The program is built to focus on the individual, rather than feeling lost in a crowd of 20-30 people, the house only keeps 6 guys at a time, which made me feel focused on. The smaller group quickly results in the closeness of those at the house. During my stay at HPR, I got incredibly close with my housemates; watching movies, playing disc golf, going on hikes, playing pickle ball, shooting pool, making music together or just sitting out talking by the fire at night, and when I needed alone time, the house is more than big enough for me to step away from the group and have some solitude.

When one person would graduate the program, a new member would replace them in a matter of days. I especially enjoyed this because you can quickly go from the “new guy” where everyone is looking after you, making sure you are settled in okay and overall just showing you the ropes, to being one of the guys who is showing the newcomer how things are done. This gave me a feeling of being welcomed that quickly turned into me having a feeling of great pride and responsibility when it was my turn to show a new guy how to settle in.

As my stay got longer I got more responsibilities, these were all optional, but I truly wanted to give back as much as I could. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to look after the Quill, one of the Ranch’s donkeys during her pregnancy. On my first day looking after her she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I am forever grateful to have been able to start every day looking after the two of them during the latter part of my stay. Small things like that make you feel important, useful and needed, which is extremely important in sobriety.

What I loved most about my experience at HPR was that the amazing team there has gone to great lengths to curate a program that allows you to customize your sobriety. There is not any one meeting, one program, one exercise, etc that works for everyone in sobriety; what may work for one person may very well not click for another, and this is where Healing Pines truly shines. We had access to meetings across the city/virtually that allowed us to explore various approaches to sobriety as a group. Going in with five or six other guys into your first time at a meeting made it a lot easier, you felt less singled out, and going as a group would always spark insightful conversations back at the house.

We attended AA meetings, NA meetings, Dharma meetings, and watched online clips of sober focused documentaries, podcasts, and lectures. It is important to remember that sobriety is not a “one-size-fits-all.” There were times we would attend a meeting and someone would share something that I did not fully agree with or relate to, but a housemate might have really learned something from that share, or vice versa. The best part about this is that there are no meetings or lessons that I ever felt were a waste of my time. If I did not agree fully with what was being said, I at least grew further in my own beliefs in realizing “huh, I don’t think that would work for me, but I am glad it helps others” and that is probably the greatest lesson I learned at HPR, having an open mind and finding out what works for my sobriety.

The location is breathtaking, the staff are incredible, and I could easily continue this review with countless positive things to say, but I have run out of characters so I will end with this: If you have made it this far in this review and are still on the fence, don’t be, you will not find a better place than HPR!

Sean Shepard

I spent 30 days at HPR and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any one who is waiting to start the process of beating additional. The counselors are amazing! You really learn what you need to have the tools to succeed. It is a very comfortable atmosphere with a beautiful scenery. Daily activities are very beneficial to understanding a lot about yourself as well as learning what is needed in continuing your goal of sobriety. HPR gives you the personal attention that leads to education and success. By far the best place in Colorado in my humble opinion.

Sandy Christy

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