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Men and women from all walks of life are susceptible to the harmful effects of alcohol and addictive drugs and medications. But in Boulder, CO, and elsewhere, men tend to use addictive substances more often than women. They also frequently bear the brunt of substance misuse and abuse. What's more, men who enter rehab for drug or alcohol problems tend to be affected by certain issues that could potentially derail their recovery.

Not only must men be aware of their unique exposure to substance use and substance problems. They must also find treatment providers who know how to support their recovery in effective, gender-specific ways. In Boulder and greater Denver, your source for quality men’s treatment is Healing Pines Recovery. Our unique residential rehab program combines modern care options with a small-scale, customized treatment model. The end result for you or your loved one is maximal support for severe symptoms of drug or alcohol problems. We also feature additional resources for the treatment of trauma and dual diagnosis.

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