Elizabeth, Colorado

Experiential Outdoor
Therapy in Colorado

Healing Pines is a men’s only addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility in Colorado that offers individualized wilderness therapy in many forms, including outdoor treatment. It is a non-judgmental center dedicated to helping men overcome their addictions and learn healthy ways to cope with their feelings through wilderness therapy programs.

At Healing Pines, everyone who walks in the door is treated as a unique individual with specific needs for recovery and rehabilitation. By being situated near Elizabeth, Colorado Springs, and Denver, Colorado, Healing Pines offers private and secluded rehabilitation conveniently located near family and friends.

Healing Pines’ outdoor therapy program distinguishes it from other rehabilitation facilities in and around Colorado. Here is more information about the Healing Pines wilderness therapy program and how it can help you or your loved one recover from substance abuse, addiction, and mental health issues through experiential education.

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