Elizabeth, Colorado

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Our Mission

To offer unparalleled privacy and individualized care, tailored specifically for each client that enters our program; to partner with them and their families, to instill confidence, a support network, and recovery tools to ensure longevity and fulfillment in life/recovery.

We are stakeholders in the success of your recovery.

Our family and loved ones have felt the calamitous impact of addiction. We have personally experienced the power of addiction and the tumoil it unleashes on not only the addict but also on their loved ones. We know that high-quality treatment requires experienced professionals. We are aware that a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work. We also know that a newly recovered person needs continued support.

With this information, we have devised a sophisticated treatment program that respects and understands where each client is in their lives. The treatment plan is designed according to the addict’s life, instead of warping it. We believe that sobriety can be prolonged and continued only if it is naturally incorporated into a person’s life.

Our lodge and the ranch, huddled among the pines, is beautiful and provides solitude. We’ve created an environment where you leave your daily life behind and concentrate on healing and recovery.

We maintain a private and secluded healing environment; yet we are still close enough to the major cities, such as Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs, in order to facilitate family visits and our Family Program.

More About Healing Pines

Who We Are

Healing Pines Recovery is tailored to the unique needs of men during recovery. Men can have a difficult time expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions during therapy, so we have customized our approach to focus on making it easier for our patients in these areas.
When a patient is battling addiction, alcohol abuse, or a substance use disorder, they can feel trapped. We have the expertise, understanding and dedication necessary to help our patients reach their goals. Finding help from Healing Pines Recovery is a great first step.