How to Focus Solely on Your Treatment Without Feeling Selfish

How to Focus Solely on Your Treatment Without Feeling Selfish

It’s time to put your health, mind, and life first. Choosing recovery is a big step, and deciding to focus all of your energy on yourself can certainly feel like a selfish act. Whether it’s taking time away from school or work or even family and friends, recovery can inherently bring on feelings of guilt. Here’s how to overcome those negative sentiments and understand the lasting positivity that addiction recovery creates.

Taking Care of Yourself

Choosing recovery isn’t just healing yourself alone. With addiction recovery comes healing for your loved ones who want to see you as healthy and happy as possible. Regardless, focusing solely on yourself and your recovery treatment isn’t selfish at all; it’s required.

Selfish or not, prioritizing your physical and mental health will always be the best decision. After falling into a cycle of substance abuse and neglecting your body, now’s the time to choose your well-being. Rehabilitation is the bravest time in your life. This moment of self-perceived selfishness will be the reason for a lifetime of change, healing, and fulfillment.

You and Your Recovery Come First

During active addiction, your substance abuse came first. Now, it’s time to put your recovery first. Finding the right treatment program and the best facility can feel daunting. The most effective treatment programs are the ones that target both the body and mind. Whether you need a medically-assisted detox or family-oriented therapy, Healing Pines Recovery has the program you need to achieve sobriety and emotional healing.

Located in Elizabeth, Colorado, the scenic lodge and ranch are stunning and offer seclusion since they are tucked away amid the woods. You can leave your daily life behind and focus solely on healing and recuperation in the setting we’ve established. In order to accommodate family visits and our family program, we maintain a private and secluded healing atmosphere while still being close to major cities like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

Treatments at Healing Pines Recovery

At Healing Pines Recovery, we offer numerous treatments for alcohol and drug addiction, trauma-based addiction, and substance abuse that is also affected by mental health. Additionally, we offer a wide range of treatment modalities, including:

Male Only Rehab

Men are expected to hide their emotions in order to appear tough when they are struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Here, you can leave these stigmas behind and genuinely focus on a healthy self with the help of our men’s inpatient rehab at Healing Pines Recovery. We provide an environment that is kind and free from criticism so that you can live a happier, healthier life.

Our rehabilitation programs include a cozy setting where only six men can be treated at once. As a result, participants in the program can connect and gain confidence by talking to other men about their experiences. Our programs place emphasis on learning how to be vulnerable and build long-lasting bonds with other men in recovery.

Types of Therapy at Healing Pines Recovery

Not one therapeutic approach works for every person. That’s why at Healing Pines Recovery, we offer multiple types of therapy treatments that could best apply to you and your experiences. The types of counseling we provide include:

Individual Therapy

By having access to one-on-one counseling with a trained mental health professional, you can encounter opportunities to better positively reframe your idea of yourself and create new coping skills to replace your addiction through cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Group Therapy

Individuals can also participate in group therapy and learn from others who have experienced the same struggle. With dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), you and your peers can accept past experiences and replace negative behaviors with positive changes.

Family Therapy

We work hard to support the entire family system in its rehabilitation journey. In normal situations, the entire family sees a therapist together, but occasionally only a portion of the family does, or each person receives individual counseling.

Physical Fitness and Healing the Body

By enhancing your nutrition and engaging in regular exercise, the body and the brain bring a bounty of benefits. It’s been proven that regular exercise can uplift your mood and perception of yourself. Not only will seeing the physical benefits of this new lifestyle be rewarding but understanding your own strength and power to change will fuel your recovery.

At Healing Pines Recovery, we also offer yoga and tai chi as a part of our everyday activities. Our well-being and emotional and mental capacity are improved by stretching, lengthening, and exercising different muscle groups. This maintains a healthy flow of blood and oxygen to the body and brain. Although not required, these fitness programs are available to all participants.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Caring for animals can be both comforting and enjoyable. Working with horses, llamas, and goats, to mention a few, as well as volunteering at animal shelters, are all things that we do on a daily basis at the Ranch.

Clients who receive equine therapy engage with horses as a form of animal-assisted therapy. It points to the therapeutic benefits of expertly facilitated, guided interactions with horses. Clients who receive equine therapy benefit from improved accountability, responsibility, discipline, confidence, self-control, and problem-solving abilities.

Outdoor Experiential Therapy

We include plenty of outdoor activities in our healing processes. Maintaining a healthy thought process and way of life depends on having a constructive avenue for expressing oneself and letting go of pent-up emotions and energy. We provide a wide variety of activities on the 40-acre Ranch, including disc golf, mountain biking, pickleball, basketball, foosball, pool, and hiking trails.

It isn’t selfish to save your own life. By putting yourself first and choosing recovery, you’re taking your first step on a journey of healing.

At Healing Pines Recovery, you have all the time and opportunities to focus on yourself and ending your cycle of addiction. Our male-only lodge and ranch are stunning and offer seclusion as they are hidden away amid the woods. You can leave your daily life behind and focus solely on healing and recovery in the setting we’ve established. A client struggling with addiction, alcoholism, or a substance use disorder may feel trapped.

Our staff of trained experts has all of the knowledge, compassion, and commitment required to support our clients in achieving their unique objectives. A significant first step is contacting Healing Pines Recovery for help. Take that brave step by calling (720) 575-2621 today. 

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