What True Individualized Care Means

What True Individualized Care Means

Substance use disorder (SUD) can affect anyone at any stage of life regardless of age, gender, status, or income. It is a very serious mental health disorder that can cause significant damage to an individual’s body, mind, and spirit if left untreated. It is very courageous to reach out for help if an individual is struggling with alcohol or drug use. Receiving treatment from addiction professionals in a safe, trusted environment suitable for drug rehab could save someone’s life.

Individualized Addiction Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

When an individual begins treatment for drug or alcohol use disorder, they will speak with a highly trained technician or certified clinician about their experience with SUD. This could include their history of drug and alcohol use, their family’s history with addiction, the length and extent of addiction, and the presence of any known co-occurring disorders. Information surrounding an individual’s drug or alcohol use will help doctors determine the correct course for treatment for each individual.

The basic distinction amongst treatment programs is whether the client lives onsite, in a sober living home, or at home. These programs can be distinguished as:

  • Inpatient rehab: This treatment program will provide clients with suitable living quarters at the treatment facility for the duration of their program.
  • Outpatient rehab: This treatment program will allow clients to live at home or in a sober living home which is provided for them for the duration of their treatment.

Within these two treatment programs are approaches and therapeutic modalities for drug addiction treatment that will benefit each individual client differently. By considering each client’s SUD experience and their recovery goals, clinicians can provide clients with the resources that will most benefit them in recovery.

Addiction Looks Different for Everyone

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be all-encompassing, and it affects each individual differently. For this reason, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery from this disorder. Each person has a unique story, influences, and experiences with drug and alcohol use. By dedicating time, resources, and knowledge to each client, clinicians can explore the many addiction treatment modalities and prescribe them to clients for their struggles with substance use.

If an individual has attended an addiction treatment program but still struggles with relapse or triggers, they may benefit from a personalized care plan that will prioritize healing the whole person.

How Individualized Care Plans Are Created

As a dedication to lasting, impactful addiction treatment and a nod to personalized, patient-centered care, addiction treatment facilities have begun to adopt individualized treatment plans into their mission of treating those suffering from SUD. When a client receives the care they need rather than a standardized version of addiction treatment, they will identify more with guidance and feel as though they are not a statistic but a unique individual in need of refuge and support.

Individualized care plans can only be designed after comprehensive assessments involving the client and experienced clinicians. These assessments may cover the following:

  • Risk factors of addiction: Environment and genetics are the factors that most influence the development of SUDs. Triggers such as stress, lack of sleep, trauma, or self-esteem issues can also play a role. Once these risk factors and triggers have been assessed, clients will be able to receive treatment that addresses their unique struggles.
  • Goals in recovery: Whether it be completing school, getting a promotion at work, or rebuilding relationships with loved ones, knowing the client’s goals in recovery will allow treatment staff to work with them to achieve them.
  • Impact of addiction: Addiction affects each person differently. Relationships, jobs, health, and money can all be lost or damaged by addiction. Becoming knowledgeable of the areas that need the most work in recovery will allow clinicians to form a plan that is most suitable for each client. Family therapy, job coaching, or financial classes are resources that a treatment center may provide.

Individualized Care in Elizabeth, Colorado

Healing Pines Recovery is a residential treatment center that provides boutique-style care for men in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas. Boutique-style addiction treatment means we offer a wide selection of specialized treatments to a small group of clients at a time.

Only housing eight men at a time, the master’s and doctorate level clinicians here at Healing Pines Recovery are able to invest their time and resources into their clients’ unique needs. This allows doctors the ability to develop truly individualized care plans for each client involving evidence-based and holistic approaches to addiction treatment. Doing so can optimize their time in treatment and help them to work toward achieving their unique goals in recovery.

Addiction affects each person differently, often calling for unique plans in their treatment program that will address these areas. Individualized care will take into consideration each client’s unique goals, struggles, and co-occurring disorders to treat all aspects damaged by drug or alcohol use.

Healing Pines Recovery is a residential addiction treatment center located on 40 expansive acres in rural Elizabeth, Colorado. Utilizing evidence-based cognitive therapies as well as holistic approaches to addiction, our experienced and dedicated staff will ensure our small group of clients will receive the addiction treatment they need to reach long-term recovery.

If you or a loved one have previously participated in addiction treatment programs but is still struggling with triggers or relapse, you may benefit from more personalized care. Call Healing Pines Recovery today to learn more about our individualized treatment plans at 720-575-2621.

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