How Healing Pines Recovery Is Shaping Long-Term Addiction Treatment

How Healing Pines Recovery Is Shaping Long-Term Addiction Treatment

Freeing yourself of substances through addiction treatment is a life-changing experience. The overall goal that you are striving to achieve is long-term success in sobriety. In treatment, there is constant guidance available to you, but once you leave, how do you continue to stay on track?

Unfortunately, long-term sobriety is not always an easy task. While you may excel during your treatment program, maintaining a schedule and accountability outside of treatment can be challenging. At Healing Pines Recovery, we offer truly individualized treatment programs designed to help you reach long-term sobriety in and outside of the treatment center.

What Determines Long-Term Treatment?

Long-term recovery has a lot to do with brain functionality. Substance use disorder (SUD) is a dysfunction in the brain where the reward section of the prefrontal cortex is failing. When working toward long-term recovery, there has to be a rewiring of the neuropathways in the brain.

Through different methods of treatment — such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) — you learn to create new ways to “reward” yourself. This mends the dysfunction in the prefrontal cortex. Along with learning how to rewire your thought processes, you also have to relearn everyday skills that may have been neglected during active addiction. At Healing Pines Recovery, we believe in treating you as a whole, not just the addiction. We offer many types of therapies and mindfulness programs that help will you achieve this.

What Healing Pines Recovery Has to Offer

Healing Pines Recovery aims to help you reach long-term success in recovery from SUD. Paired with many different treatment programs, we also offer treatment options for mental health disorders as well. By using both conventional and holistic approaches to treatment, we are able to help you build a healthy body and mind. We believe that, in order to achieve long-term success in recovery, you need to have a healthy state of mind and be in tune with yourself.

Some of the conventional programs that Healing Pines Recovery has to offer are:

  • Family therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • 12-Step programs

Along with these conventional methods of treatment, we offer holistic options, including:

  • Animal-assisted therapy
  • Outdoor experiential therapy
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi

Offering a wide variety of treatment methods allows you to pick and choose what best suits your needs and desires in a treatment program. Along with being able to provide you with a recovery plan that is unique to you, Healing Pines Recovery is also a gender-specific treatment center exclusive to men. This promotes healing through building deeper connections with others in treatment with similar backgrounds and goals.

Treatment Methods at Healing Pines Recovery After Discharge

Addiction recovery programs allow you to get the help you need to improve your daily life, but how do you keep up with it once you are no longer in treatment? Healing Pines Recovery is changing the way we approach addiction treatment so you can achieve long-term success. Rather than learning general skills to combat addiction and substance use disorder, you will learn how to personally combat your own. This allows you to learn skills that are specific to you, keep you prepared to face yourself once you leave treatment, and hold you accountable.

Along with specific skills and tools, Healing Pines Recovery will help you to relearn essential skills you may have forgotten while in active addiction, such as self-love or care, confidence, responsibility, and accountability. Being able to keep yourself accountable is a major factor in achieving long-term sobriety. Outside of the skills that Healing Pines Recovery teaches you, many of the holistic treatment programs offered are things that can be continued outside of treatment as well. Yoga and meditation are ideal ways to help cope with difficult situations and past trauma. There are many benefits associated with yoga in recovery, including reducing stress and anxiety and boosting mood.

Addiction is a daily battle, and with the proper tools, you can learn to combat this battle with ease. Healing Pines Recovery helps to equip you with the necessary skills to lead a happy and fulfilling life that is free of substances. By keeping our groups small and focusing on each person and their specific needs, Healing Pines Recovery is not just treating addiction. We are helping to treat you as an individual, not just your addiction. When you can learn about yourself and your challenges on a personal level and how to combat them, it makes returning to your daily life much more comforting and effective.

Healing Pines Recovery aims to help patients in achieving long-term success with recovery. Being located in Colorado allows us to offer not only conventional approaches to treatment, but other holistic methods as well. Throughout your treatment with us, you will learn the importance of having a healthy body and mind, and we will teach you how.

Individualized care is something each patient will receive, which is not something that is typically offered by many other treatment centers. Along with individualized care, Healing Pines Recovery also keeps our groups small and gender-specific to men, allowing patients to build deeper connections throughout their program while working alongside other healthy and sober men, which fosters vulnerability and trust.

If you or a male you know is looking to achieve long-term success on their recovery journey, do not hesitate to seek help. Call us today at (720) 575-2621 to learn to heal from addiction.

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