Family Therapy near Colorado Springs, CO

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family. At Healing Pines Recovery, we strive to assist in the process of rehabilitation for the entire family system. We do this by offering guidance, support, and family counseling, while also providing referrals for nearby family recovery services you can benefit from.

Family members and loved ones also have the opportunity to participate in extended phone calls with clients when deemed appropriate. This helps encourage effective communication and influences aftercare planning, discussions, and healing.

At Healing Pines, we’re looking to help those in need in our home counties of Elbert and Douglas County. Regardless of where you are in Colorado, contact us to learn more about Colorado family therapy.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that can improve communication between family members and resolve conflicts. It is typically short-term, and in our case, it works in conjunction with substance abuse treatment. Family members may be invited to participate, and only those who are able or willing to come need to be present for counseling sessions.

We also implement CRAFT services into our family therapy programs. CRAFT stands for community reinforcement and family training and has been shown to be successful in reducing a substance abuser’s use of drugs and alcohol.

Unlike other forms of family therapy where the individual with the problem is targeted and treated, CRAFT works to help the CRO or concerned significant other so that they can help the IP or identified patient.

The goals of CRAFT include:

  • Teaching the concerned significant other to adjust their usual behaviors and expectations towards the identified patient
  • Decreasing the use of substances and addictive behaviors of the identified individual
  • Motivate the identified patient to seek treatment
  • Show them the importance of self-care

The treatment plan will depend on the family situation. Our family therapy program in Colorado can teach you skills to deepen the connection between your family members and get through difficult times. The things you and your family will learn provide long-term resolutions that you can take into the future.

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Family Roles in Addiction

One of the biggest factors with addiction in a family environment is codependency. A codependent relationship is one in which an individual structures their life around pleasing someone else. The other person structures their life around being pleased, creating a negative loop.

Family therapists and counselors in Colorado work to identify and correct unhealthy relationships that foster addiction. Here are some of the more problematic roles within the family:

  • Enabler
  • Hero
  • Scapegoat
  • Comic relief

Who Needs Family Therapy?

In this case, a family might need therapy when an individual in said family is struggling with addiction, affecting other people in the family.

However, there are other scenarios where family therapy might be needed. Such as:

  • Empty nest
  • Career change
  • Diagnosis of a chronic illness
  • Loss of a family member

Or, possibly one family member is struggling:

  • Trauma
  • Mental illness, like anxiety or depressions
  • Financial strain

At Healing Pines Recovery, our goal in family therapy in Colorado is to work with families affected by addiction and substance abuse. We work to strengthen relationships and communication, identify roles, and learn to handle conflict healthily.

We strive to create a family that is once again filled with love, compassion, respect, and a family that supports one another. If your family is affected by addiction, our therapists and trained team of family counselors are here to help. Our trained family therapists want to see your family succeed just as much as you do.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Research has demonstrated that family therapy for individuals with substance use disorders provide a number of benefits to them and the family dynamic.

Some benefits to family therapy for SUDs include:

  • Improved treatment retention.
  • Improved overall mental health.
  • Improved understanding of addiction and how it affects families.
  • Increased family support for the person in recovery.
  • A better understanding of what to expect in treatment and recovery.
  • Increased awareness of the warning signs of relapse.
  • Helping the family make positive changes related to the SUD, such as their patterns of communication and behavior.
  • Promoting family strengths.
  • Reduced risk of relapse.
  • Helping families understand the importance of taking responsibility for their own emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Colorado Family Therapy with Healing Pines Recovery

Family therapy can take many forms in our addiction treatment program. In most cases, the whole family meets with a therapist together, but sometimes only part of the family meets, or in atypical cases, each person undergoes their own individual therapy.

Each session ranges for about an hour and may look different depending on the therapist and family dynamic. For example, an entire family therapy session would involve talking about the family’s individual needs and feelings and how they are affecting one another. On the other hand, another meeting may take more of an educational angle where individuals will learn how to communicate effectively and improve their listening skills to prevent misunderstanding.

Therapies included at Healing Pines Recovery include:

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