12-Step Addiction Treatment & Alternatives

Addiction has grave consequences, which are primarily psychological, and needs urgent treatment for one to get out and overcome this cycle. One of the most effective treatment methods is the 12-step addiction treatment. Healing Pines Recovery specializes in treating addiction and uses the twelve-step method and other alternatives to rehabilitate most patients either as a group or an individual, depending on the patient’s personalized needs. 

Here are some insights on 12-step addiction treatment and other alternatives, as offered in Colorado by Healing Pines Recovery.

Why 12-Step Addiction Treatment?

The twelve-step addiction treatment was devised by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to help individuals, their families, and friends overcome the addiction. The steps advocate for addicts to accept, be honest about their situation, and surrender themselves to addiction cessation. One should consider the treatment given that it helps patients to overcome what triggers their abuse and learn practical ways to curve a new path towards recovery.

AA and other 12-step groups can help people struggling with addiction navigate their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Support groups and peer support can be instrumental in helping people find long-term recovery. 

12-Step Treatments vs. Alternatives

The 12-step alcohol treatment program, as well as other alternatives such as cognitive behavioral therapy, helps assist one in overcoming addiction. However, the 12-step treatment has a different path toward recovery as it takes a holistic and spiritual approach to assist patients in overcoming addiction and beginning a new life chapter. 

Some of the ways 12 steps treatment is different from other alternatives are that:


The program is overtly spiritual and relies more on a greater power than other secular methods.

Emphasis and power:

12 steps emphasize becoming powerless over one’s addiction and relying on a more spiritual energy to help them overcome addiction. Other therapy alternatives emphasize having adequate power within them to overcome addiction.

Long-term and Short-term Period:

The twelve-step approach focuses on a long-term strategy to overcoming addiction and follow-up individuals attending meetings even after a long time of recovery, as opposed to other alternatives that use short-term methods to overcome addiction.


The 12-step alcohol treatment program does not evolve as rapidly as other treatment methods, which changes as more evidence of effective treatment is discovered. The alternative treatment methods are evidence-based compared to the twelve-step AA program.

How Healing Pines Recovery Uses the 12-Step Treatment Approach

Healing Pines Recovery understands that people have different experiences with addiction and need different approaches to overcome it. Maximizing the 12-step treatment approach of alcohol cessation, treatment and recovery will effectively use the 12 steps and other aspects of AA to assist individuals and their families in staying away from alcohol and substance abuse which causes addiction. 

While not strictly 12-Step-based, we can incorporate 12-Steps into our programs. Our steps consist of:

The patients have to admit that they are powerless over alcohol and other substance abuse and that they cannot contain themselves when faced with deciding whether to abuse a substance.

You must find hope to overcome the addiction. They have to rely on an even greater power to assist them in recovery.

 Patients need to surrender their lives and will to a divine spiritual being or deity to take charge of their lives as they strive to overcome addiction.

The addict needs to examine and understand themselves better. Addicts need to take account of their problems and challenges and get to know how addictions affect their lives.

The patient needs to admit their challenges and share them with others in their group, therapists, and higher being.

Acceptance is the key to effective treatment. When you accept the addiction, you show that you are ready for change and God can take charge.

You need to humbly ask God to take care of your situation and do in their power what you can’t ordinarily do to overcome addiction.

You need to come to terms with your need to reform and make a list of everyone you’ve harmed before beginning the program. Approach the people and make amends with them.

Asking for forgiveness is crucial to clear you from any wrongdoing you might have done and who you might have wronged.

Spiritual recovery is essential in the process. You need to admit your wrongdoings and that you are wrong to progress successfully with treatment.

 Prayer and meditation will clear your conscience and help you connect with God and other deities a patient believes in. By doing this, God will impart knowledge and wisdom on successfully overcoming addiction.

Being helpful is last in the 12-step alcohol treatment program. Once you successfully overcome addiction, it would be essential to help others overcome their addiction.

Non 12 Steps Treatment in Colorado

Some find the 12-step treatment approach unsustainable, given its spiritual aspect. They tend to adopt the non-12 steps to treatment which are more scientific and evidence-based. One of our most popular non-twelve-step rehabilitation programs is our SMART Recovery approach.

In SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training), our approach tries to assist addicts in overcoming addiction by training them not to think of indulging in addictive behaviors and become better. The SMART program aims to empower individuals to recover and attain skills that make them forget their behavior. The approach makes most addicts comfortable, often comparing it with AA programs.

Find Support with Healing Pines Recovery

Healing Pines Recovery is an exclusive private rehabilitation center in Colorado, particularly focusing on assisting men to overcome addiction. The facility has psychotherapists and professionals with adequate knowledge in helping patients to overcome their emotional needs while in rehab. We believe there is no single treatment method that works for all. 

Healing Pines Recovery provides both the twelve and non-twelve-step rehabilitation approaches to overcome addiction. We care for everyone and their needs and tailor the treatment approaches to meet everyone seeking our rehab and treatment services. 

Contact us for more information and addiction rehabilitation needs in Colorado.