Dealing with recovery from addiction can be incredibly challenging. At Healing Pines, we use a variety of drug and alcohol recovery treatment strategies to help our clients down the road to recovery, including SMART recovery strategies. We understand that every path to recovery is different, and we aim to help our clients find the approach that works for their unique needs.

SMART Recovery Center near Colorado Springs

Healing Pines is a residential addiction treatment center located near Colorado Springs. Here, patients will find programs designed to help men conquer the rehabilitation process’s emotional challenges, including addressing their unique experiences, decisions, and paths. We aim to help our clients develop the tools they need to step out of addiction and live in full recovery.

What is SMART Recovery?

SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. This transformative strategy is designed to empower people moving out of the addictive cycle, providing them with the tools they need to take control of their lives as they handle addiction and manage the associated recovery process. This accessible recovery method is backed by science and has helped many past clients move forward with their lives free of the bondage of addiction. 

The SMART recovery program relies on four basic principles:

1. Build and Maintain Motivation

As patients progress toward recovery, they will need to work to build and maintain their overall motivation. Motivation may be as unique as each patient. In many cases, patients will need to clearly define why they want to step out of the addictive cycle before they can start to break it. Furthermore, they may need reminders of those motivations when the going gets tough. The SMART recovery model helps patients develop strategies for maintaining that vital motivation.

2. Cope with Urges

The urge to use drugs or alcohol can last long after the detox process comes to an end. As part of SMART recovery, patients will learn strategies that can help them cope with those urges without turning to addictive behaviors. 

3. Manage Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior

There are a lot of feelings that can come up through the recovery process. Often, addicts struggle to manage those feelings and behaviors in a healthy way, especially if they previously turned to drugs or alcohol to help them cope with those addictions. The SMART recovery process can help patients learn how to cope with those feelings in a healthier way.

4. Living a Balanced Life

A balanced life is key to a SMART recovery strategy. A balanced life may mean decreasing stress, looking at healthy alternatives for previous activities, and finding ways to connect with hobbies, friends, family, and things outside the addictive cycle. Many patients find that living a balanced life makes it much easier to avoid choices that could result in addictive behaviors.

What Does SMART Recovery Treat?

SMART recovery can treat addiction to a variety of substances, including:

The SMART recovery method can help set patients up for success by ending the addictive cycle and creating healthier coping mechanisms. This treatment method helps people recover from their substance abuse and find the tools for long-term recovery.

The Benefits of a Colorado SMART Treatment Center

Using a Colorado SMART treatment center can significantly impact a patient’s overall recovery. 

Focus on Recovery

An inpatient treatment style in the early days of recovery can offer several advantages. In a SMART treatment center in Colorado, patients can spend their time focusing on the recovery process. 

Instead of having the demands of the world pounding at them, they can stay focused on breaking the addictive cycle and moving forward with a greater degree of freedom. As a result, many patients can make more significant strides that can help them achieve mental wellness and break the addictive cycle.

Access to Key Tools

In many cases, patients need to receive access to tools that can help them through the recovery process. Many addicts lack coping skills that could help them manage addictive behaviors more effectively in the future. 

Others may have a dual diagnosis that makes it more difficult to cope, and addressing and treating an underlying condition can make it easier to manage those symptoms. A Colorado treatment facility that uses SMART recovery tactics can help patients access those essential tools, which can ultimately help them step away from addiction.

Look at the Whole Person

There are often underlying challenges that can make it more difficult for patients to manage symptoms of addiction. Usually, the recovery process involves altering physical processes and behaviors like mental ones. 

Focusing on mind and body, including enhanced physical fitness and nutrition, can often help patients manage symptoms of addiction and live healthier lives. Nutrition and fitness can also help manage symptoms of underlying mental conditions that can pose challenges on the road to recovery.

Get Back to Nature

There’s nothing quite like the gorgeous scenery in the Colorado Springs area. Getting out into the great outdoors can help improve overall mental wellness and even decrease symptoms of addiction. There’s no place like Colorado Springs for doing precisely that. 

At Healing Pines, you will access various outdoor activities, including horseback riding, hiking, disc golf, and many other outdoor experiences that can help improve the treatment process and overall treatment outcomes. Many men lived very active lives before addiction took hold and destroyed their drive. Returning to nature can help restore those former desires and make a critical step away from addiction.

Find Recovery at Healing Pines

Are you ready to take steps to start breaking the addictive cycle? Do you want to live a healthier, more balanced life, including spending time outdoors and taking advantage of the incredible healing power of nature? At Healing Pines, we aim to help our clients recover by utilizing various treatment strategies and solutions. Take those first steps toward recovery. 

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