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At Healing Pines Recovery, we have a personal stake in the success of those in recovery. We’re known as one of the more respected inpatient treatment centers in Denver. Integrity, ethics and morals are the foundation of our program. We are a small, boutique treatment center that provides inpatient addiction rehab and residential addiction treatment. In order to provide individualized treatment, we only treat a few clients at a time.

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Men in Recovery

Healing Pines Recovery is tailored to the unique needs of men in recovery. It is not uncommon for men to avoid treatment because we are uncomfortable in a therapeutic setting. I know I was. The notion of connecting with others, expressing my feelings, and trusting others with my personal life was terrifying. When asked “How are you feeling?”, I usually responded with “I don’t know.” The truth was that I simply didn’t know how. I lacked the vocabulary. I lacked the tools needed to connect to my inner needs and desires as a man and human.

I also didn’t want to ask for help or express my feelings. As a man, that is considered weak, right? Wrong, I was so wrong, and it caused many more years of unnecessary pain. If I had only raised my hand, asked for help, and did the necessary steps to continue on that path…



At Healing Pines Recovery, we get it. Part of treatment is learning new ways to navigate the world. For many of our clients, that includes learning how to accept, process and communicate emotions. We’ll help you figure it out. 

Unlike many treatment centers, we not only care for clients during their stay with us but we continue the relationship after they have moved onto their next phase in recovery and life. We genuinely care and strive for the success of every person that enters our program. All too often treatment centers invite the client in with open arms and appear to be your best friend. After you are discharged, or unable to pay, they are cold and hard to get ahold of. This is NOT our program, it is against our core code of ethics and morals.