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Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness and Nutrition:
Both Nutrition and fitness are cornerstones for sustained recovery. At HPR, we focus on treating the entire person, mind, body and spirit. Exercise has mental and physical benefits that keep your mind clear and open in your recovery. Exercise increases energy, enhances mood, which assists in keeping you positive throughout recovery. A balanced, healthy diet with focus on nutrition can change a persons sense of well being and energy. A healthy brain and body enable us to be the best we can be, to be well rounded individuals in recovery and life in general.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Working with animals is a fun and calming activity. We all emit energy as do animals, and to get in sync with an animal has great healing properties for ones well being. Working with Horses, Lamas, Goats to name a few, and contributing time to animal shelters and all activities that we incorporate into the daily life at the Ranch. 

Animal Therapy is a kind of observational therapy in which patients are made to interact with horses. Equine Therapy refers to the grooming, feeding and caring for horses, that is looked after by a certified mental health professional, often in tandem with a horse professional. During and after the therapy session, the Equine therapist communicates with the patient to identify their behavior patterns, thought process and emotions. Equine therapy helps patients develop key skills, such as accountability, responsibility, confidence, self-control and problem-solving skills.

Treatment centers Colorado Springs
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Horticultural Therapy

At HPR, we really take an active, hands on approach to recovery. There are many calming therapeutic benefits to gardening. The act in itself is a mindfulness exercise, that many find peace and clarity of mind when engaging in this activity. It also gets a person outside and working with their hands, which can be a calming activity. Finding enjoyable activities that enhance a persons well being helps create an environment of sustained recovery.

Horticultural therapy is a time-tested method. Since hundreds of years, garden benefits have known to provide therapeutic benefits. These techniques are implemented to enable participants to learn new skills or brush up on old ones. Horticultural therapy improves memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, language skills, and socialization. 

Outdoor Experiential Therapy

We incorporate many outdoor activities in our Active Recovery methods. It is always exciting to show patients how much fun they can have in sobriety, by engaging them in familiar or new experiences. Outdoor and experiential education, and wilderness program treatments have adventure-based activities that encourage inter- and intra-personal growth through conquer obstacles. These adventures include: camping, challenge and rope courses, and wilderness expeditions like cycling, sailing, trekking and canoeing. The programs are mostly centered on the youth, and it can be incorporated into other forms of therapy.

Treatment centers Colorado Springs

Mindfullness and Meditation

We have a strong focus on the energy of the groups and the center overall. We practice mindfulness activities throughout the day. Morning and evening meditation, some within a group setting and some on a personals individual time. We have guided meditation, daily reflections, dream interpretation, and other group mindfulness activities that include Outdoor Experiential Therapy, pottery, and art therapy. Expressing yourself through art is a liberating experience and tests our imagination and creativeness.

Being in tune with our body, mind, and spirit, through mediation and mindfulness activities, is crucial for sustained recovery. The better we get to know ourselves and our thought patterns and routines, the easier it is to connect with our foundations in recovery, all that we have learned as tools to help remain sober. 

Yoga and Tai Chi

At HPR, Yoga and Tai Chi is incorporated into our daily routines. Stretching, elongating and engaging muscle groups keeps a healthy flow of blood oxygen to the brain and body, enhancing our well being and emotional, mental capacity. Yoga is led by a trained Yogi, intermediate level for those who have not done it before with options for others who may be a little more advanced. Yoga, is not a requirement, but is highly encouraged. Tai Chi is also led by a Tai Chi instructor, for beginners. They are short but powerful mindfulness activities.

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Aroma Therapy and Acupuncture

We have a specialist in Essential oils, Aromatherapy and Acupuncture Specialist. We believe in exploring and keeping an open mind to the benefits of all therapeutic practices. Some work for this person while other work for another. We are all so grossly individual, with responses to different life elements. Finding a positive, homeopathic remedy to anxiety or depression, which lead to a sustained happy life style, is invaluable.