Addiction treatment should be tailored to suit the individual’s needs to encourage long-term recovery. Our men’s only rehab programs will include different features and address issues and concerns specific to men.

Men tend to have higher rates of drug abuse and dependence than women, as the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports. Men also use drugs in different ways than women. Mental health and addiction issues in men is that men are expected to hide their feelings to appear tough, which  contributes to the fact that men typically take longer to seek treatment.

Our men’s inpatient rehab at Healing Pines Recovery allows men to put those stigmas behind and truly work on a healthier self. We create a welcoming and judgment-free zone where men can create a healthy and more fulfilling life.

Our Men's Only Rehab Program

Our treatment programs include a small intimate setting with six men at a time. This allows those in the program to connect and be empowered through sharing their experiences with other men. 

Being able to be vulnerable is a big part of our recovery programs.  We help individuals trust other men in recovery in order to build bonds and long-lasting relationships with other healthy, sober men.

At Healing Pines Recovery, there will never be a dull moment. We keep our men busy, working with our hands-on ranch projects, processing with outdoor experiential programming, playing team sports, hiking, riding bikes as a group, and doing walk-talk therapy.

We understand how important it is to keep in touch with loved ones or take care of responsibilities. For this reason, we allow access to electronic devices to stay in touch with loved ones, manage a business, file FMLA, or search for job opportunities.

In recovery, we explore the trauma of toxic masculinity, what it means to be a man, a supportive husband, a present father, and more. Learning to trust ourselves to be vulnerable and ask others for help will ultimately strengthen us from within, so we can show up to any occasion and be fully present and available for the people in our lives.

Benefits of Our Men's Inpatient Treatment

  • Gender-specific treatment allows clients to focus on themselves
  • Individuals in similar situations make for stronger bonds
  • Opposite sex distractions are eliminated
  • Beautiful scenery away from the big city

Our Facility in the Woods

At Healing Pines, we provide safe, beautiful, and private residential addiction treatment in Colorado. With views of the mountains, our addiction treatment facility offers a relaxed setting surrounded by mature pine trees. In Elizabeth, Colorado, just an hour from Denver and Colorado Springs, you’ll find a quaint small town that you won’t soon forget.

Its natural surroundings and beautiful log home provide a peaceful, healing environment. As we support our clients as they embrace a happy, fulfilling life, we integrate traditional and alternative treatments with structure and practices.

Addiction Treatment Programs and Therapies

Our Colorado drug rehab center allows clients to receive comprehensive and compassionate treatment for their addiction and mental health disorder in a small group setting.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT is medication combined with counseling and behavioral therapies to provide a holistic approach to treating substance use disorders. MAT also addresses different health conditions in the course of treatment. MAT is used primarily to treat addiction to opioids like heroin and prescription pain relievers containing opiates.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is a 24-hour behavioral treatment program in a live-in health care facility. At Healing Pines Recovery, we offer a level of care focusing on men's only rehab. We strive to provide the patient with a more intimate setting (approximate to home).

Using effective and holistic treatment programs, residential treatment aims to eliminate the person’s addiction. Therapeutic modalities include:

Aftercare: Life After Treatment

We take continued care very seriously and begin working with the client from day one regarding “next steps”. Based on each individual’s needs, we will set up tours of sober living, IOP’s or meet and greets with individual therapists and/or sober coach. The client will have a well-thought-out plan, with phone numbers, addresses, and dates for intakes, appointments, and meetings. 

We also host alumni programs. Yes, we do. Alumni events include BBQs and disc golf, and pickleball tournaments. We will do annual ski and snowboard trips and an annual camping trip as well.


We are a 30-45 day program based on clinical appropriateness.

The client will speak with one of our admissions coordinators. That person will run your insurance or discuss self-pay options. Our clinical team will then so an admissions screening to determine clinical appropriateness for this level of care. Our Medical Director and Clinical Director will review the screening and give the OK for admissions or we will refer to the appropriate program. We facilitate stay-at detox and provide transportation directly to our facility for intake.

Meals are prepared fresh, 7 days a week, and served to our clients. Clients have access to healthy snacks and drinks 24/7.

We will provide transportation for the client to detox, and from detox to ur facility. We also provide transportation to the next location as part of their continuing care program.

Each room in our men’s only rehab is 15’x12’ and equipped with an individually controlled AC unit for comfort.

All rooms have either a view of the front range mountains or of pine trees.

No, the beds are queen-size Tempurpedic beds.

Depending on how many guys we have in the house, you will either be by yourself or have one roommate.

Yes, we have family visitation every Sunday for 4 hours of visitation.

Your dog can come to visit during family visitation. We unfortunately do not allow dogs to stay with the clients during their stay.

Yes, we have several trails ranging in levels of difficulty.

Clients are responsible for washing their clothing. They have access 24/7 to the laundry room. We have a cleaning crew who cleans the facility and cleans sheets weekly for the clients.

We will send a list of items but in general, comfortable clothing, hiking shoes, shoes for the gym, and seasonal clothing. We have extra clothing to provide if the client does not have the proper gear.

Yes, however, we will work with the client to ensure they are focused on treatment and practice healthy coping skills and time management for work-recovery balance.

We have the resources and will allow plenty of personal time to apply for jobs. We will assist in resume generation and job interviewing preparation.

We believe recovery is individualized. We support clients in their path to success. We do attend some AA and NA meetings, we also explore Dharma, Shamballa, SMART recovery, and other recovery support programs.