Experiential Outdoor Therapy in Colorado

Healing Pines is a men’s only addiction treatment and rehabilitation facility in Colorado that offers individualized wilderness therapy in many forms, including outdoor treatment. It is a non-judgmental center dedicated to helping men overcome their addictions and learn healthy ways to cope with their feelings through wilderness therapy programs.

At Healing Pines, everyone who walks in the door is treated as a unique individual with specific needs for recovery and rehabilitation. By being situated near Elizabeth, Colorado Springs, and Denver, Colorado, Healing Pines offers private and secluded rehabilitation conveniently located near family and friends.

Healing Pines’ outdoor therapy program distinguishes it from other rehabilitation facilities in and around Colorado. Here is more information about the Healing Pines wilderness therapy program and how it can help you or your loved one recover from substance abuse, addiction, and mental health issues through experiential education.

What is Outdoor Therapy

The term “outdoor therapy”  or “outdoor adventure” refers to rehabilitation and therapeutic practices in the natural outdoors.

Many people may anecdotally recognize the benefits of nature for healing. Walking outside on a bad day can instantly lift a person’s mood and make them happier and more hopeful. Outdoor therapy can be very helpful for people struggling with mental and behavioral issues.

This is backed up by scientific research, which shows that a wilderness program can improve one’s mental health and even reduce cravings in people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Many treatment centers may offer outdoor activities and therapy to help support people in their recovery journey. This form of treatment can help support a patient’s emotional and behavioral well-being.

Outdoor therapy includes a variety of activities and exercises that take place outside. Healing Pines is fortunate to be situated in beautiful Colorado, which features primarily sunny days, gorgeous scenery, and stunning mountain views. In addition, Healing Pines is located on 40 acres, which is enough to allow for outdoor activities, such as equine therapy (i.e., therapy with horses), hiking, disc golf, and more. 

People who attend Healing Pines can participate in solo outdoor therapy activities or do things with a group. Both options can benefit the healing process as participants discover new ways to fill their time without using substances.

In addition to allowing participants to reconnect with themselves and their peers, outdoor experiential therapy will enable people to reconnect with nature. Many of the men who came to Healing Pines lived an active life before their addiction took hold of them and robbed them of the activities they enjoyed doing alone or with friends. Through experiential outdoor experiences, participants can once again learn to love the outdoors and get reacquainted with Mother Nature in all her glory.

What Can Experiential Outdoor Therapy Help With?

As mentioned above, experiential outdoor therapy can help participants reconnect with themselves, peers, and nature. In addition, this type of therapy can help with the following:

There is no limit to the types of conditions and disorders that can benefit from outdoor therapy. Research has shown that wilderness experience can particularly help people suffering from certain mental health conditions, which often coexist alongside substance abuse. 

Adventure therapy can help people work through a variety of mental and behavioral health challenges. Some specific things that experiential outdoor therapy can help with include:

Experiential Outdoor Therapy at Healing Pines

Healing Pines sits on a beautiful 40-acre plot of land. It is full of hiking and mountain biking trails that allow participants to get into nature without running out of space. It also features a disc golf course, a pickleball court, and a basketball court. These sports allow participants to work together to play sports, solve problems, and build relationships that will last beyond an inpatient stay at Healing Pines.

In addition, Healing Pines features equine therapy. This program pairs participants with a horse. The participant is responsible for caring for their horse. 

Through this, the participant will build confidence and self-esteem as they care for another creature. They will be held accountable for their horse and must ensure that they stay on schedule.

Outdoor therapy at Healing Pines is designed to gently nudge participants out of their comfort zone. In some cases, participants will participate in outdoor challenges with other residential treatment program participants. 

This allows them to gain confidence as they successfully navigate new challenges, make new friends, and push themselves to accomplish things that would not be possible when they were using drugs or alcohol.

What to Expect in a Colorado Outdoor Therapy Program

Experiential outdoor therapy is just one part of the Healing Pines Recovery program. In addition to participating in various individual and outdoor group activities, participants will engage in therapy sessions and 24-hour care to ensure they recover safely. 

Colorado provides a beautiful backdrop for experiential outdoor therapy. It has sunshine for 300 days of the year, making it an ideal place to attend outdoor treatment and recovery. 

Of course, the temperature changes with the seasons in Colorado. Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors, whether warm or cold. 

During the colder winter months, there are opportunities for the adventure therapy program like snow sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. 

During the warmer months of spring and summer, people can hike and mountain bike on the trails at Healing Pines. They can also enjoy playing disc golf and corn hole outdoors.

No matter the season, participants of Healing Pines Recovery should expect to engage in at least 1 – 2 outdoor activities daily. These activities may vary from one day to the next and from person to person. They are accompanied by continued therapy sessions and time for individual reflection as participants start to unpeel the layers of their lives and face the trauma that led to their addiction in the first place.

Find Support at Healing Pines Recovery

If you or a loved one is looking for a welcoming place to recover from a substance abuse addiction, consider Healing Pines Recovery. Our all-men’s treatment program is designed to help men reconnect with themselves by reconnecting with nature. We offer individualized care in a beautiful setting. 

Please contact us today to learn more about Healing Pines Recovery or to schedule a visit.