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Dual diagnosis is more common than many people think. The American Medical Association reports that one in three people with mental health issues also has a substance use disorder (SUD). Some people may experience drug abuse issues before receiving a mental health diagnosis. However, for some, mental illness leads them to substance abuse.

Healing Pines offers a dual diagnosis treatment program that tailors itself to the individual. We believe in treating the person, not the illness. So, at our drug rehab center, you’ll find substance abuse and mental health treatment that cater to the needs of yourself or those of a loved one.

So, What Is a Dual Diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis is when someone has both a substance use disorder and a mental health condition. A person with a dual diagnosis suffers from a mental and behavioral condition at the same time. The co-occurring disorders may involve any combination of one or more mental disorders and a substance use disorder.

Many people diagnosed with a substance use disorder related to drugs or alcohol also have a co-occurring mental health disorder. When someone has a dual diagnosis, they need an integrated treatment plan. This treatment plan should address both conditions as related concerns to prevent relapse.

Healing Pines Recovery offers the best dual diagnosis treatment for mental and behavioral health in Colorado. Our world-class addiction treatment program is designed to assist people with co-occurring disorders. We aim to help our patients achieve long-lasting recovery and lead healthier, more fruitful lives.

Colorado Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Reasons Why Co-Occurring Disorders Must Be Diagnosed and Treated at the Same Time

Dual diagnosis can be a challenging issue to address. For long-term recovery to be achieved, substance use and mental health conditions should be treated at the same time. According to studies and research, only a small percentage of persons with dual diagnoses receive treatment for both conditions.

When only one of the illnesses is identified and treated, the likelihood of relapsing is higher. Here are some of the reasons why co-occurring disorders must be diagnosed and treated at the same time:

Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Colorado

Choosing the right treatment program is essential for people looking for an accurate diagnosis and efficient therapy in Colorado. People with dual diagnoses need highly customized interventions to combat the effects of co-occurring conditions.

Healing Pines Recovery is a mental health and addiction treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment in Elizabeth, Colorado, near to both the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. Our treatment center provides privacy and personalized care for each person who enrolls in our addiction treatment program.

We offer expert dual diagnosis treatment at our recovery center. At Healing Pines Recovery, people with these disorders can receive care for both problems at the same time. Our treatment specialists will create a treatment plan to best suit each patient’s recovery process.


Dual Diagnosis Symptoms

Diagnosing co-occurring conditions can be challenging because their symptoms frequently overlap. Additionally, the symptoms might change over time and range in severity.

Here are some signs to watch out for in people who may have a dual diagnosis:

Isolation from friends, family, and social activities.

Without using drugs, they can't focus or finish tasks.

Changes in appetite.

They tend to abuse alcohol and other drugs.

Prolonged feelings of rage.

Over-the-top displays of fear, worry, or anxiety.

They experience hallucinations and delusions.

Suicidal thoughts frequently cross their minds.

Their energy and motivation are constantly fluctuating.

Changes in sleep patterns.

Neglecting professional or personal obligations.

They experience abrupt personality changes and significant mood swings.

People who qualify for a dual diagnosis may present a variety of symptoms based on the mental health conditions present. For example, people struggling with bipolar disorder or personality disorders will have different symptoms compared to someone with chronic depression.

It is essential to observe a person’s behavior overall. Then, the treatment professionals can better identify specific behavioral and mental health concerns.

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What to Expect at Healing Pines

When starting inpatient treatment at our dual diagnosis rehab facility, patients should expect to be treated respectfully and decently. A specialist will work carefully with each patient and their family to determine the issues at the heart of their struggle.

Our highly skilled team will design an appropriate action plan to treat the conditions present. Our patients receive a complete evaluation that gives our team the information necessary to create a comprehensive treatment plan for drug addiction.

At Healing Pines Recovery, we use the integrated treatment model in our addiction treatment program. We view the integrated treatment model as the gold standard of care when treating mental health and addiction. People with co-occurring addiction and mental illness benefit from integrated treatment.

This is because integrated treatment allows them to form and maintain healthier habits. Depending on the needs of each person, treatment may include therapies, residential treatment, and medication-assisted treatment.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Some benefits of dual diagnosis treatment are:

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Colorado

In Colorado, numerous treatment centers offer therapy for people with co-occurring mental health and substance use problems. Healing Pines Recovery is a premier dual diagnosis treatment center that services the greater Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver areas.

Our addiction treatment program is specially designed to use evidence-based treatments that get to the root of addiction. Our treatment plan has proven to be very effective in treating the symptoms and the root causes of co-occurring disorders.

Treat Dual Diagnosis at Colorado's Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or mental health, we are here to help. Healing Pines Recovery is the best facility in Colorado for dual diagnosis treatment. We can assist people in regaining freedom through our world-class dual diagnosis treatment program.

To learn more about our treatment program, contact us online or call us at 720-575-2621.