Equine Therapy near Colorado Springs

Many people face a significant challenge as they go through substance abuse recovery: filling their time with constructive activities that will help them re-learn positive behaviors so they don’t go back to old habits.

There is a need to do something active that will simultaneously fill the void left by substance use and help the person to heal mentally, physically, and spiritually. At the same time, there is a healing power to being surrounded by nature and animals.

This is why equine-assisted therapy can benefit people going through substance abuse recovery.

Participants in an equine-assisted therapy program will be led through a series of activities and exercises with horses. Under the watch of a trained professional, they will learn to care for, nurture, and work with these animals in their overall addiction recovery process. As a result, they will gain confidence in their ability to care for others and, as a result, themselves. They will also gain confidence and strength to move forward through the recovery process.

What is Equine-Assisted Therapy?

Equine-assisted therapy involves caring for, riding, and being around horses. It can help people who are depressed or experiencing other mental health challenges, including recovering from substance abuse.

There can be several goals for equine-assisted therapy. A common goal for those recovering from addiction is to allow the participant to care for another being. Caring for a horse can give people recovering from addiction a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Skills Enhanced by Equine-Assisted Therapy

Some specific skills that equine therapy can help an individual grow include:






Basic Hygiene

Stability Offered by Equine-Assisted Therapy

In addition to helping people with substance use disorders build and grow these essential skills, equine therapy can also help people find a stable environment.

One study found that the stable environment provided by equine therapy can help people recovering from substance use disorder to construct a positive version of themselves by reinforcing positive behavior.

This is partly because equine-assisted therapy removes the individual from the circumstances and social circles that encouraged their former behavior. An important aspect of substance use recovery is getting away from the people and environments that led a person down the path to substance use addiction. Focusing on building a relationship with a horse can help individuals get back to nature without falling back into old habits.

Growing Confidence Through Equine Therapy

A final benefit of equine-assisted therapy is that it can help men of all ages grow their confidence. Caring for horses does not require verbal communication, which makes equine therapy particularly beneficial for those who struggle to express themselves with words.

Caring for a horse can help men find healthy ways to express their emotions, even if they don’t say a thing. This can give them the confidence to handle whatever challenges come their way without resorting to violence or substance abuse.

Benefits of Colorado Equine Therapy

There are many benefits of Colorado equine therapy.

Research shows us that being around animals has proven mental and physical benefits, including reducing feelings of isolation and depression.

For example, one study found that veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) had reduced symptoms of depression and PTSD after three months of equine-assisted therapy.

Equine therapy is one form of animal-assisted therapy that can help people recovering from substance abuse to re-learn positive behaviors and gain more control in their lives. Working with horses allows individuals to be their true selves. Horses are intuitive, naturally curious creatures. They will not judge a person but respond when they are well-cared for and loved.

Colorado offers a soothing backdrop for equine-assisted therapy. It has many open spaces for equine therapy and can encourage individuals to return to nature.

In addition, Colorado equine therapy can help men build trust. They will develop a strong, nurturing relationship with a horse based on mutual trust. This can carry over into their personal lives and help them build stronger relationships with those around them.

Three men riding for equine therapy in Colorado

What Does Equine Therapy Treat?

People who enter into residential treatment programs for substance abuse are experiencing multiple disorders. They may have anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health challenges. They could also have physical ailments due to substance use disorder or unrelated matters.

Thus, equine therapy can be beneficial for treating the whole person instead of only addressing one challenge or symptom.

Some of the many things that equine therapy can treat include:

Substance Abuse



Physical Ailments

Behavioral Tics

Coordination Challenges

Cerebral Palsy

Eating Disorders



Bipolar Disorder

The healing power of horses can help people going through complex life challenges, including recovering from substance abuse. Participants may decide to pursue it again as they move through life and face other challenges beyond their recovery.

What to Expect from Healing

Men recovering from substance use disorder can find equine therapy in Colorado Springs by visiting Healing Pines Recovery. The residential treatment program feels like home, with a high staff-to-patient ratio and a supportive environment that welcomes men from all walks of life.

In addition to equine-assisted therapy in Colorado, Healing Pines offers group therapy, individual counseling, a 12-step program, and physical fitness therapy.

Healing Pines offers a structured routine for residential patients that helps them redefine their day. Several activities are available throughout the day, ensuring every patient has opportunities to learn and grow as they embark on their sober lifestyle.

In addition, Healing Pines offers peer-to-peer support. Patients will get to know each other personally and can begin building a social network that can extend beyond their time in treatment. This is essential to recovery and can help participants prevent a relapse.

Get Equine Therapy near Colorado Springs and Denver

Many treatment centers offer therapy and residential support. However, few provide equine-assisted therapy in the beautiful surroundings of Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado.

Men and their loved ones are invited to contact Healing Pines to learn more about the different options for treatment and substance abuse recovery. Contact us to get started on your healing path.